Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday LEGO Train Exhibit.

SDMRM presents the Southern California LEGO Train Club
in its Annual Holiday LEGO Train Exhibit. 
Beginning Tuesday November 22, 2011
Thousands of LEGOS will make up this giant train exhibit.  Come see Buildings, Landscape, and lots of Trains made entirely of LEGOS.  Join us in this wonderful holiday tradition at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum.  Ends January 14, 2012

more info at http://www.sdmrm.org/

Thomas and Friends on Twitter

Every Tuesday @Trueblueengine you could win prizes. just RT or answer what @Trueblueengine asks. with the  tag #thomastuesday ;-) I won 1 time a Percy trackmaster that glows in the dark.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Games and More

My Son Loves This website. I recommend you to go and show it to your kids. (Toys,Videos,Games,Activities)

Fisher-Price, Thomas & Friends

Iphone,Ipad,Ipod Apps

My son might be 3 years old, but he has his own Ipod Touch, its a 2gn nothing new but he loves it, I buy apps all the time and get him movies, Some apps I'll recommend are the Thomas & Friends , Games,Puzzles,Reading,Painting what else can you ask for?? and they are not expensive at all.I think my son is to young to play the chuggington ones, he likes them but you have to complete things to go to the next level etc.

Day Out With Thomas- Perris,CA

I loved our little trip to Perris,CA my son was so happy "Thomas was there" and Sir Topham Hatt, I have to admit that I was surprised on how real they looked

And all the volunteers were great

Take your kids to your local museums

I didn't knew we had a railroad museum, but my husband found out about it and he took us over there, it wasn't big ,but I can tell you my son loved it.
It's a good idea to google for local places that your kids will love and  you will enjoy, I have found so many places on my City that I had no idea that they were here ;-). Explore your City.

Merry Christmas

I bought this Thomas and friends set at walmart for $20, few days later the price dropped to $10 :( But they all sold really fast. Im glad at least I got this one for my son.

Once I put everything together, I realized that it is a really cool track and big, plus you can always add tracks to it.

Welcome to my blog.

So my son starting loving trains since He was 5 or 6 months old, I remember He was on his walker running around and 1 day  Sprout was on the t.v, and Thomas and Friends started playing, I just watched how my son ran from our room to the living room and he stayed in front of the t.v watching that show, it was my first time watching it too, since that day we started loving Thomas and Friends,its been 3 years now and we have a huge collection of trains and tracks,Wood tracks, Trackmaster, Take-n-play and some Tomy(blue) tracks.
Now there's Chuggington too, and he likes it, he can play with the wooden chuggington trains on his Thomas tracks, but he can't play with the interactive and diecast chuggingtons those are not compatible with the wood,trackmaster or take-n-play tracks. You will need to buy different tracks for each of those type of trains.